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Introduction to NVivo11 (Half day)

Course fee is R 500 for half-day training session. (Windows-users only)

Please note: You are required to use your own laptop for this course.  

What is NVivo?

NVivo11 is a computer software programme designed for managing qualitative data and carrying-out qualitative analysis. Training in NVivo is not a substitute for qualitative research training.

In this short course, participants will be introduced to the NVivo11 software for managing qualitative data and carrying-out qualitative analysis. This is a hands-on course in which participants are expected to work on their own NVivo test projects on their laptops during the session. 

This course is intended for researchers:

Working with: Qualitative data (interviews, focus groups, field notes, documents, visual and audio data),

Who: Preferably have a background in or experience in qualitative research methodology (the course is not a substitute for qualitative research training)

Who want to: use NVivo for managing and coding their data  (following general principles of content, thematic, or narrative analysis, or other similar approaches)

At the end of the session participants will have learned and practised:

  • Setting-up an NVivo project: import, categorize and manage data (PDFs, word docs, pictures, audio-files, etc)
  • Using basic analysis features of NVivo [e.g. coding to Nodes, annotations, memoing, queries]
  • Audio-coding as an alternative to text-based coding of transcripts
  • Using Nvivo for literature reviews

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Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants of the course.

The course is interactive and intends not only to teach the how-to aspects of the software, but the underpinning logic, the practical considerations, and the importance of reflexivity and critical-thinking in approaching computer-assisted analysis.

NVivo does not analyse qualitative data for the researcher but rather can enhance the researcher’s analytical capacity by providing the means to efficiently store, sort and look for patterns in diverse forms of data.

For more information or to register email ce.administration@uct.ac.za. 

Only participants registered for the workshop will be eligible to attend.

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