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Vestibular Assessment & Rehabilitation Therapy

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This course is open to registered healthcare practitioners and students across a variety of professions and will be of interest to otologists, neurologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, audiologists and general practitioners with an interest in vestibular and balance disorders.

Course content:

This course is an intensive five day teaching and practical training programme.Theoretical input will be given in the mornings, with emphasis on practical training and therapy in the afternoons.In-depth presentations and training of both assessment and therapeutic techniques will allow delegates to become extremely proficient in the field.   


The outcome of the course is to render the candidates competent in Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation Therapy (VART).  An optional assessment towards a post-graduate qualification is offered and successful candidates will obtain a Certificate of Competence from the University of Cape Town.  ​

CPD points (without assessment) = 30 | Level 1

CPD points (with successful assessment) = 30 | Level 3