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Online Learning

The Faculty of Health Sciences Continuing Education Unit is offering the following online courses.

Expert Opinion

The Provision of Expert Opinion and Evidence as a Health Professional (29 to 30 April 2021)


PhD Preparedness Programme (starts Monday 7 September 2020)

Clinical Coding

Basic Anatomy and Physiology

Basic ICD-10 Coding 
Intermediate ICD-10 Coding (Zoom session: 19,20 & 21 April 2021)

Basic Complete Current Procedural Terminology for South Africa
Advanced Complete Current Procedural Training for South Africa

Hospital Coding and Billing
Prescribed Minimum Benefits (Zoom session: 8 April 2021)
Medical Practitioner RPL Billing (Zoom session:14 April 2021)

If no live Zoom teaching dates are indicated, the course is an e-learning course. This means that you will be given access to the learning material via an online portal for self-study. You will complete any required assessments via the same online system. Where a live Zoom session date is indicated, you will be required to participate in a live teaching session/full day(s) of lectures.

Palliative Care

Introduction to Palliative Care starting Monday 15 March 2021 (next dates:16 May; 18 July 2021)


The following courses are offered on the Allergy Foundation of South Africa's online training platform. Make sure you select the course with a UCT Certificate to receive your certificate on completion of the course.

Food Allergy Course for Dieticians
Understanding Allergies (Doctors)
Understanding Allergies (Pharmacists)
Understanding Allergies (Nurses)

Please note: UCT Certificates will be sent on successful completion of a course and once the University reopens